Certification system

Structure of the system of certification and development/suggestions for organization and example.

Structure of the system of certification:

Certification is for the students and the customer often a guarantee that the course has a high quality. The certification is aimed at secondary vocational level plant manager. Besides the experience of Bilancia is that this system of certification will give a healty pressure on the development of the middelmanagement.

In the structure Bilancia has set up, we distinguish a 4-levelled structure.



Level A
At the time the students in the 8 weeks have passed through, they will be tested for operations, knowledge and behaviour, and after a sufficient result, they receive a share certificate, level 1. Together with the certificate the student will set-up a personal developmentplan with specific and measurable goals which will be tested after the 4 weeks period on the spot.

Level B
After four weeks on the project and after a sufficient test, can be a part license received on level 2. This part ends with a personal development plan, which listed the skills the person in question is already controlled and at what level and what skills he / she should work for his/her "own" development. In the first half year, the agronomist monitors and promotes the learning and progress in skills. (described competences) . Our agronomist has a coaching position and in consultation with the key team members, he clearly describes the learning goals. Strategy to determine how this should be achieved, the key components (see C.) will be used as a guide.

Level C

After half year 2 specialists of Bilancia come to the project to test the team members to key skills such as:

  • Speed of work, and standard norms.
  • Transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge and skills of their specialty.
  • Application skills and knowledge management
  • Develop potential development and progress
  • Understanding the growing process

When the results are successful the candidate will officially receive a certificate level 3 and a personal development plan drawn up, which completed the development goals we have discussed in order to reach in 1 year. These development goals are taken by the specialists of Bilancia in co-operation with the agronomist.

Level D
In the year that follows the guidance will be given by the agronomist. After that year, Bilancia will come again a few days to review the agreed parts and this can result in a definitive final certificate.



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