What is the difference between Bilancia and another horticultural consulting company?

Bilancia is located in South Holland glass District (West Netherlands) and works closely with many horticulturists (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.), research institutes and with various suppliers. Bilancia is an independent organization and the wish of the customer is leading. She looks for the best solution in the circumstances. Bilancia distinguishes itself from other consulting projects because it adopts. To the number of projects accepted is a limit because each project needs sufficient attention. And that is just the power. The “own” making of projects, The feeling that the project belongs to “Bilancia” and that the name of “Bilancia” can be connected with this project without any doubts. Each project is visited at least 2 to 3 times a year by representatives of Bilancia to assess whether there is sufficient development in the organization is present. It is the target Bilancia should be unnecessary in time and people can run the greenhouse totally.


What does it mean when you hire a grower of Bilancia?

This means that you hire Bilancia with its experts in various fields. You are then assured that proper fertilizer recommendations are regularly given during cultivation and discussed, you are sure that you hire the grower who can always rely on the Dutch expertise and is assured of all kind of support. All of this with the aim of optimizing the cultivation, to get the highest possible yield, looking to the circumstances.


I am someone who knows nothing about gardening but I understand that can be (investor). Earned money from it What can Bilancia do for me?

To start Bilancia always wants to know with whom they are dealing with. This means that there is often a first meeting, in which the customer needs on an structural way are identified. We prefer to keep that conversation in the Netherlands, so we – can walk to visit in the vicinity certain issues directly as in the car -. To make something clear That makes things very often immediately clear and bright. Thus there to look at what needs to be there. Cultivation of supplies purchased You can think of: substrate, fertilizer required, biological control efforts, at its own propagation: propagation materials etc. etc. At the end of this first meeting and discussion will include agreements Bilancia and goes to work to provide you with the necessary further to provide information. Exchange of information can often occur through the mail or skype.


Bilancia is willing to invest in a project?

No. Bilancia is no investors society. She is involved in guiding and developing organizations in the field of horticulture. That is a totally different role than to be co-investor. Bilancia will not interfere with marketing. It should be clear that the responsibility of Bilancia stops in the cold store.


Why is the selection an important part in the training part?


How many people do I need to train for example, a garden of 3 hectares.?

When there will be a selection there will be discussed with the investor on the number of people who will be trained. Basically you assume that 3 ha. about 4 people will be trained. In order to be able to make the selection in a thorough manner, it is necessary that the investor select a group of 10 to 12 people, from which (via testing and interviews) a final selection can be made.


Why is a part of the training in the Netherlands?

In the most optimal situation there is a part of the training in the Netherlands. In addition, a four-week training in the project itself, before the plants are put in the greenhouse. In the immediate vicinity of Bilancia is a lot of very modern horticultural established as well as a large number of suppliers. Bilancia has good contacts with them during training and the companies that supply items to the project and discusses what the added value is and how things work in practice. The students also visit various horticultural, also work a day in the week and get some experience so. The goal is to know in the course of the first year, one can expect that one of what is to come, etc. This makes the learning process easier in the first year and would enable the good results achieved an image..


Why are students certified?

The students are tested and depending on the results obtained can be certified. This process of testing and certification will continue throughout the first year.


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