General Information

Bilancia, for the development of a solid knowledge base for turnkey projects!

Bilancia has a lot of experience in training and advice in horticulture projects all over the world. We distinguish us by the system of Investors in People and the way of training and developing of the middle management. We use the system of Investors in People to create a culture of developing in the organization, because in our experience this is the key to get a professional level!

The culture of Bilancia is one of getting an optimal result in the project, without looking to working hours from 8 till 17 h.  With pride we can say that almost every project we advised has expanded within a few years! 

Bilancia believes, through experience, that in order for a turnkey project in greenhouse horticulture to be successful in the long term, it is important to ensure that there is enough know-how at the site itself, in terms of both management and crop cultivation techniques. 

Bilancia therefore states that the following goals must be defined in order to be successful:

A1. Well-trained middle management, both in crop cultivation techniques and in management techniques.

A2. Solid support from the Netherlands during the first few years of the project. This involves regular evaluation of the project, to assess the progress that is being made both in the crop cultivation and in the management of the project. Regular on-site visits to the project will be planned.

A3. Well-trained project leaders who are able to coach and who are motivated to ensure that the project will be a success, even when they have moved on.  




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