Turnkey Greenhouse Projects

Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV specializes in complete high-tech greenhouse projects including the first 3 years of production. This high level of involvement shows that Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV believes in its formula and Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV relieves you as an investor from A to Z:

What do we offer?

1: A greenhouse, developed by a certified organisation, designed from the grower’s viewpoint with years of experiences in horticulture and applied to the crop you want. That means a smarter greenhouse, because the grower is involved from the beginning! A new greenhouse, meeting all the requirements for a modern cultivation, geared to the environment and the crop you want. Naturally, an experienced supervisor will also be delivered while the greenhouse is being developed.

2. All the necessary technical equipment needed for the growing process, such as a climate computer, as well as gutters, screens, a substrate unit, heating, artificial lighting (if necessary), etc. Total equipment necessary for growing a crop, like slabs, blocks, fertilizers, etc.

3. A grower for the first two or three years with support from The Netherlands, not only responsible for running the crop and supervising the process, but also for training the workers to get them at the right level to be able to do the job. Implementing the necessary certification for the future. The market asks for more and more proven hygienic and clean work. Bilancia will prepare the greenhouse for certification necessary for the near future (global gap, hccp etc.)


Involvement from A to Z


Buying a “total turnkey project” from Bilancia means working with a committed company: we take our responsibilities seriously and will not abandon the project after having only finished a greenhouse for the crop.

We go for our projects, we go for your investments! ‘Your investment is our passion’? Bilancia takes on the project’s organization from A to Z. Bilancia is independent, which means we give you totally independent advice.

With a “total project” from Bilancia, it is possible to get return on investments in only a few years. The number of years is dependent on the size of your greenhouse and of course the prices in the market for the product.

In sum:


  • Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV takes care of the entire process from start to finish. From optimisation, planning and preparation, to installation and the total care of production for the first 3 years. These 3 years will be used to start up the project and to earn back the first investments as fast and as much as possible.
  • This means that Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV arranges the design of the greenhouse completely from the point of view of a grower. No unnecessary investments in materials. This means: cheaper and effective building with the sole purpose to realize a crop with a high yield so the project can generate revenues in already five years.
  • We relieve you from any stress: Bilancia Turnkey Projects BV is responsible for all the aspects of the total project!

Interested? Please, feel free and make an appointment by e-mail or telephone. We are glad to help you.

If you are interested, we can make a calculation of the investments and, depending on the prices in the market, of the amount of time it will take for you to have earned back your investments.


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