What can Bilancia provide?


Delivering a grower


Bilancia can deliver a grower. However, it must be clear, that the client doesn’t get only a grower. No, delivering a grower means delivering Bilancia with all the support, back-up, etc. So, by this system you avoid risks. F.e. imagine when the grower becomes (unfortunately) ill. In such cases, Bilancia will replace him by another person.

Short trainings for middle management and labour

    • Crop management (plant physiology)
    • Propagation execution
    • Climate control connected with the stage of the plants
    • Biological crop protection (scouting, pest and diseases etc.)
    • Management of growing on slabs: nutrition, fertilizers, using drain etc.)
    • Management of labour (including prognoses and planning)
    • Management of people to get an professional organisation

Often in projects we discover a lack of knowledge and skills. Bilancia has provided “explanation pictures” to explain the person who is busy between the plants how to cut, how to twist etc. etc. An example of such instructions:


Advice before starting to buy/build a greenhouse

Bilancia gives advice before you make the essential decisions to buy a greenhouse, to buy all kinds of materials etc. etc. Bilancia is independent and can help you to make the right choices before you start.

Advice for some days

A specialist of Bilancia will visit your company for a few days in a period ( once in the 2 or 3 months) for some days, to give advice for improvements in the crop or organization.


Total package for the first year


This includes:

  • Selection of people to become the leaders in work in the greenhouse
  • Training of 8 weeks in The Netherlands to prepare these people for their tasks. This training is theory and practice in the greenhouses.
  • Training of 4 weeks, just before starting planting. This means: making the greenhouse ready for planting, executing of propagation etc.
  • Delivering a grower during these 4 weeks
  • Giving back-up and support during the whole year and visiting 1 or 2 times the project.

Support in choosing the right materials (slabs, seeds, fertilizers etc.) and the amounts of it



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