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Frequently asked questions with answers

What is the difference between Bilancia and another horticultural consultancy company?

Bilancia is located in the glass district of South Holland (West Netherlands) and works closely with many gardeners (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc.), research institutes and various suppliers. Bilancia is an independent organization and the customer’s wish is leading. She is looking for the best solution in the circumstances. Bilancia differs from other consultancy projects because it adapts. There is a limit to the number of projects to be adopted because each project requires sufficient attention. And that’s just the power. “Own” making projects, The feeling that the project belongs to “Bilancia” and that the name “Bilancia” can be connected to this project without any doubt. Each project is visited at least 2 or 3 times a year by representatives of Bilancia to assess whether there is sufficient development in the organization. The goal should be that Bilancia made itself superfluous in time.

No cowboy stories about very high productions. We want to use real figures and only promise things

that are realistic. Better estimated too low than too high!

What does it mean when you hire an agronomist of Bilancia?

This means that you hire Bilancia with all its experts in different areas. You are then assured that good fertilization advice is regularly given and discussed during cultivation. You are sure that you will  have an  experienced agronomist who can always rely on Dutch expertise and who is assured of all types of support. All this with the aim to optimize the cultivation, to achieve the highest possible yield, looking at the circumstances.

Bilancia is willing to invest in a project?

No. Bilancia is not an investor company. She is involved in guiding and developing organizations in the field of horticulture. That is a very different role than being a co-investor. Bilancia is not concerned with marketing. The responsibility stops when the product is in the cold store.

How many people should I train, for example, in a 3-hectare greenhouse?

When there will be a selection, the investor will discuss the number of people that will be trained. Basically you assume that 3 ha. about 4 people will be trained. In order to be able to make the selection in a thorough way, it is necessary for the investor to select a group of 10 to 12 people, from which a definitive selection can be made (through tests and interviews).

Why is part of the training in the Netherlands?

Sometimes it is decided to give a part of the training in the Netherlands. In the direct vicinity of Bilancia is a lot of very modern horticulture greenhouses and a large number of suppliers.

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